Common Cybersecurity and Network Security Issues

Common Cybersecurity and Network Security Issues

One of the first steps to keeping your data secure is finding out what threatens it.

As a business owner, cybersecurity and network security should be some of your top priorities. You’re responsible for making sure essential business data and client information stay safe and secure. To hackers, information is money so they will try to steal your data. One of the first steps to keeping your data secure is finding out what threatens it. Here are a couple of the more common threats to your business network!

Ignoring Software Updates

Whenever your business technology is involved, ignoring software updates is a bad idea. Software updates often contain valuable security updates as well. If software “patches” are missing, that creates a gateway straight into your network, leaving it vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.

Unsecure Passwords

Another all-too-common cybersecurity threat is when network users don’t create strong passwords. If a hacker acquires a basic knowledge of local sports teams and popular colleges in your area, chances are they will be able to figure out many employees’ passwords. It is important to develop a process for auditing passwords to ensure security. Even once passwords are created, they should be changed regularly just in case.

Phishing Scams

As long as phishing scams have been around, you’d think that we would have figured out how to stop them. Unfortunately, they’ve just kept getting better over the years. It’s to the point where hackers will create entire phony websites in order to gain users’ personal data. What’s more is that people are still falling for these schemes because they’re just so sophisticated. Technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds, which enables us to increase our cybersecurity. The unfortunate other side of that is that hackers and cybercriminals also have access to this tech and are figuring out new ways to bypass security measures. One of the easiest ways for a hacker to bypass security is by phishing personal data from people who are already inside of protected networks. They are essentially letting the users do the hacking for them.

IT Solutions and Network Protection from Global Harvest Networks

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