Tips for Keeping Your Information Safe Online

Tips for Keeping Your Information Safe Online

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure your information stays safe while your network is connected to the internet.

Regardless of their industry, most businesses rely on the internet to get things done. When your computer or other device is connected to the internet, your network is vulnerable to hacking. If your business network is hacked, your data could be corrupted or even lost altogether. Viruses can work their way into your system and leave you without valuable business information. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure your information stays safe while your network is connected to the internet.

Keep Everything Up to Date

Most importantly, you should keep all of your devices up to date. Updating the operating systems on your computers and mobile devices and keeping them up to date can provide valuable security. Your network’s firewall is what’s going to do the “heavy lifting” of keeping your information safe, so keep that updated too. Partnering with an experienced, reliable managed services provider can help with this. Global Harvest Networks can build a personalized business network that works for you and keeps your information safe.

Get Creative with Passwords

A surprisingly large number of people make their password “password” or “password 123”. This is not at all secure, and a hacker will be able to get right through that. You will need to use a bit of imagination with your passwords if you want to keep your information safe. Choose something that can’t be associated with you. Try to stay away from names of children or other loved ones. The more random it is, the more secure it is. Just make sure you can still remember it!

Know What’s Going Around

Hackers are seldom creative when releasing malware and viruses. Typically, computer viruses “go around” much like a stomach bug or the common cold. So, keep yourself educated on whatever malware is going around and keep your employees updated as well.

IT Solutions and Network Protection from Global Harvest Networks

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