Secure Your Business Network from Email Threats

Secure Your Business Network from Email Threats

Educate yourself and educate your employees on Internet and email safety.

Network security has seen a lot of changes in recent years. With more and more people working remotely, it’s growing more difficult to draw a solid line around your network to keep it secure. Fortunately, technology is keeping up with these evolving threats. A quality experienced managed services provider can build you a business network that will work for you. Even the best network can’t really protect against internal threats. What could be threatening your network from the inside?

Network Security and the Rise of Phishing

Technology has actually evolved to a point that, with the right structure, your network is actually pretty good at blocking external threats. Hackers have also realized this and over time have evolved their tactics. They’ve realized that it’s actually far easier to get into a system if they just trick someone who’s already on the inside into opening the door for them. This is what is known as phishing.

Phishing attempts are emails that seem legitimate, but actually contain links to viruses, fraudulent sites, or other malware. Unfortunately, hackers have just keep getting better at mimicking legitimate communications, so when trying to block phishing attempts vigilance is key.

Education is Your First Line of Defense

To block phishing attempts from wreaking havoc on your business network, education is key. Educate yourself and educate your employees on Internet and email safety. This doesn’t have to be hours of sitting and listening to boring lectures. It can be a simple infographic poster in the break room, or a gentle reminder once or twice every quarter to look out for certain things.

IT Solutions and Network Protection from Global Harvest Networks

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