Gone Phishing: How to Spot Scam Emails Before Damage Can Be Done

Gone Phishing: How to Spot Scam Emails Before Damage Can Be Done

Phishing scams are as old as email itself.

Phishing scams are as old as email itself. You may be thinking that hackers and cybercriminals would have gotten a little more creative since then, but no. Do you know why? Because all these years later, phishing emails still work. Unfortunately, people still click on them every day. Plenty of phishing emails are glaringly obvious, but some of them aren’t and those are the ones that are the real problem. Here are some tips for spotting a phishing email in your inbox!

Look Closely at the URL

One of the first indicators of a phishing email is an inauthentic URL. It is quite simple to type out a URL that looks perfectly fine but insert a hyperlink to somewhere totally wrong. In many email programs, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the suspicious link. DO NOT click. Just move your cursor so it’s on top of the text. A little window should pop up telling you where the link will take you. If something seems a bit off about the URL, don’t click on it. If you’re at work, tell your systems administrator or managed services provider right away. If you’re at home, you may want to call the company to alert them that someone is trying to impersonate them.

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Another glaring indicator of a phishing scam is an email with spelling or grammar mistakes. Before a real company sends out an email, they will, at the very least, run a basic spell-check. Generally speaking, an email from a company will be fully edited with no mistakes. Such mistakes are highly unprofessional and therefore unlikely.

Trust Your Instincts

If everything appears to be fine but you’re still skeptical, trust your instincts. There’s no such thing as “too cautious” when it comes to cybersecurity. So, if you ever get an email that you think looks suspicious, research before you click!

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