The Real Costs of a Network Security Breach

The Real Costs of a Network Security Breach

Hackers use different methods to infiltrate business networks and steal customers’ personal information.

In the last couple of years, there has been a series of network security breaches that have affected more than 200 million people. Hackers use different methods to infiltrate business networks and steal customers’ personal information. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your business and client data stays protected from a potential network security breach.


Back in 2017, over 140 million U.S. citizens were informed that their information may have been compromised by a massive network security breach at Equifax. Equifax holds data on everyone who has a line of credit (such as loans and credit cards) in the U.S. and for about 3 months, a group of hackers had access to their networks. They were able to gather data on millions of people, that they will now be able to use to do all sorts of bad things. Allegedly, the breach was made possible because Equifax failed to keep their equipment up-to-date. Because of that, millions of people’s privacy was violated.


In 2016, Uber had their own troubles with a network security breach. This breach exposed the personal data of more than 50 million drivers and passengers. Instead of reporting this breach to the proper authorities and attempting to resolve it properly, they paid hackers to try and cover it up. Now that the cover-up has been exposed, Uber is responsible for paying a $148 million settlement and they will be required to implement a long list of changes to ensure that such an incident can’t happen again.


Most recently, in March and April of 2018, customer payment information from over 1,600 locations was compromised. The company reports that their investigation revealed the breach was caused by malware deployed specifically to target payment card information. They also say that no other personal information was compromised.

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