3 Important Reasons to Keep Business Technology Up to Date

3 Important Reasons to Keep Business Technology Up to Date

It’s super important to keep your business technology up-to-date, both for productivity and for security!

Keeping up with the latest in technology as a small business can be difficult, along with the time-consuming nature of updates, the financial cost can seem high. That said, there are ways to reduce the costs of both time and money, when keeping your technology current, and there are several benefits. Along with making your business more efficient, newer hardware means you can save more money and have a safer system. 

Improved Productivity

If your computer systems are beginning to run slowly, it may be time to update. Over time older computers may not be able to keep up with new systems. As your applications and software update and improve an older system may not have the power or functionality to run well. Slower computers can cause frustration and time loss simply due to the computer being bogged down.

Easier Repairs

Costs of updating memory sticks, processors, and motherboards may sound high, but consider, keeping them updated will keep them under warranty. In case of a critical failure, you are able to count on the warranty to protect you from some of the fallout, while with an older system you might have to simply eat the costs.

Reliable Security

The older the technology, the easier it is to attack. While there are some ways to keep older technology secure, the fact is this, cybercriminals prefer older technology as there are more methods and opportunities to attack. Firewalls and intrusion detection systems can become outdated and then more susceptible to attack. As programs and systems are updated old bugs, and security holes are repaired, if you’re functioning with an older system not only are you not fixing these holes, but you’re making yourself a target as these risks become well known to would be cybercriminals.

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