Tips for Finding Data Breach Vulnerabilities

Tips for Finding Data Breach Vulnerabilities

Make sure your network is protected against data breaches!

Let’s say you recently upgraded your company’s cloud security. Even so, there still remains the possibility of a data breach. Your individual departments might be the reason why, but not in a way that you can expect. Here’s how to prevent data breaches that can affect your company.

Employee Activities

Without the best employees, your company can’t thrive. That said, most businesses are often exposed to data breaches when their employees make a mistake or are intentionally affecting the operations they are supposed to manage. Be sure to give all of your employees the IT training they need so they can find and contain problems caused by malware, phishing, and ransomware.

Vulnerable Departments

Executives: Sometimes, data breaches can start at the top rather than from down below. Upper management usually oversees the most important information and has access to the most sensitive data. They can leverage this status to their advantage. Alternatively, something could happen that’s not entirely their fault. For instance, there might not be as much oversight when it comes to the managers and executives setting up their passwords, which could leave your network vulnerable.

Finance: The Finance Department needs to have tougher cybersecurity measures in place. This is because this department is a common target for hackers and other hostile intruders. You need to protect the financial data under your care, whether it has to do with your company or with your customers and clients.

IT Department: The IT Department is one of the most important parts of your business. After all, they are in charge of testing and improving the security of your networks. However, remote workers and recently-terminated employees must be monitored closely, especially if they were part of the IT department. One way to prevent any data breaches is to change relevant account information and keep updated records every time an employee leaves.

IT Solutions and Network Protection from Global Harvest Networks

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