3 Growing Trends in Small Business Cybersecurity

3 Growing Trends in Small Business Cybersecurity

Once upon a time, many small business owners believed that they didn’t really need to be too concerned with their network security.

Once upon a time, many small business owners believed that they didn’t really need to be too concerned with their network security. After all, why would a hacker target small business when there is far more to be gained by hacking a large company, right? Well, actually, the opposite is true, and more small businesses are preparing themselves than ever before. Here are just a couple of things your small business can do to increase your cybersecurity.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Training

Having a disaster recovery plan for your small business network is incredibly important, but just having the plan isn’t enough. Once you have a draft of your plan drawn up, you need to run through it. Pay close attention and fix anything that doesn’t go the way it should, then run through it again. Run random drills as often as you feel is needed. Make sure everyone knows exactly what they need to do and when.

Reducing Risks

When you think of cybersecurity risks, you probably picture some person in a dark room in front of a computer monitor, quickly typing in some sort of unintelligible code. Well, believe it or not, some of the greatest threats to your cybersecurity are right there in your business: your employees. More and more businesses are introducing bring your own device policies. There is nothing wrong with these kinds of policies, as long as your employees know how to keep those devices protected. Virus protection software and stronger passwords are essential. Training on how to spot malware is also extremely helpful. You should also consider restricting what data can be accessed with a personal device.

Partnering with an MSP

Last, but most certainly not least: so many businesses are seeing all the benefits of partnering with a managed services provider. You may think that outsourcing your business’s IT will be expensive and inconvenient, but that’s just not the case. Call Global Harvest Networks and see for yourself!

IT Solutions and Network Protection from Global Harvest Networks

Global Harvest Networks has been working for the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas since 2000 and we’re ready to lend our expertise to you! We offer a wide range of IT solutions that can tackle any and all of your network’s needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you! You can also give us a call at 410-691-1130. We’re ready to assess your system, diagnose the problem, and help you find a plan that will strengthen your network, all free of charge! For more information on the latest things you should protect your system from, follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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