Incorporating Remote Access for Your Business Network

Incorporating Remote Access for Your Business Network

One of the features that we can incorporate into your small business network is remote access.

One of the features that we can incorporate into your small business network is remote access. For some businesses, it is essential and for others, it is merely a convenience but not really necessary. Remote access is not for everyone.  If you’re considering adding remote access to your business network, here is a little bit of information about it!

Using a VPN

Creating a VPN, or virtual private network is one of the most common ways businesses incorporate remote access. Do you remember the troll bridges from fairy tales? Think of the VPN as the bridge connecting a remote worker to your business network. A VPN connection is heavily guarded, so it is more secure than most other remote access ports. It only allows devices with approved IPs to access network data and keeps those users virtually invisible to hackers who may try to “piggyback” onto the connection. It is important to note that not all VPN providers are created equal and if you decide to go that route, you should research each provider thoroughly.

Increase Your Security

Remote access is hugely convenient, but it can also pose significant security risks. If you add remote access, you will also need to implement certain security protocols that keep your network data safe. This could include any number of things, such as installing specific anti-malware and keeping it updated, creating secure passwords and changing them regularly, and other measures.

Mandatory Backups and Disaster Recovery Planning

As much as you try to keep your business network safe and secure, things can still happen that will undermine your security. This is where having backups of your data and a disaster recovery plan are both critical. Without these things, your business could be crippled if something bad were to happen. Disaster recovery planning and regular backups are critical to your business’s survival, with or without remote access!

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