Cyber Security Portrayals in Popular Culture

Cyber Security Portrayals in Popular Culture

Real hackers and cybersecurity experts have to rely on patience and persistence more than a magical solution that can resolve a plot point in five minutes or less.

Think about all the movies that you’ve seen with hackers in them. Then think about all the TV shows you enjoy where hackers are central characters. It might surprise you that cybersecurity technicians in real life are not like that. The business of network security may not be quite as glamorous as Hollywood has made it out to be, but it is still integral to our day-to-day lives!

Hollywood Hacker Style

Male hackers depicted in movies and TV are typically either reclusive conspiracy theorists or super-smart, attractive ex-intelligence officers of some sort. Their female counterparts, however, tend toward the quiet, “nerdy” types. But no matter what they look or act like, the hackers of the movies and on TV don’t reflect the real men and women who work in cyber security.

The Real World of Cyber Security

Movies and TV shows are meant to be exciting and dramatic. As with most careers that aren’t well understood by people who aren’t in that industry, the portrayals are made out to be much more action-packed. In the real world, that’s not how it works. Real hackers and cybersecurity experts have to rely on patience and persistence more than a magical solution that can resolve a plot point in five minutes or less. Research is one of the most important parts, along with making mistakes – real-world cyber security experts need that training and experience. Why? Part of cyber security involves testing currently-active systems to find flaws and improve what needs improving. That can often take months or years of hard work, and not just a few weeks of elaborate schemes and computer wizardry.

Bridging the Gap Between Glamor and Reality

So if this isn’t what hacking and cyber security work is really like, how is it possible to attract new experts as the years pass? The rising popularity of cyber security in popular culture has made it easier to understand and has interested younger audiences who might have encountered such subjects in school and wanted to learn more. Ultimately, one of the biggest benefits of bridging the gap between glamor and reality is to start conversations about important social issues involving what privacy means, the limits of cyber security in the name of public safety, and how modern technology has come to be such an influential part of our lives that it is hard to imagine society without the advantages that computers and other related technologies give us.

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