Signs Your IT Infrastructure Needs an Upgrade

Signs Your IT Infrastructure Needs an Upgrade

One of the big downsides of always-changing tech is that software and devices can become obsolete pretty quickly.

One of the best things about technology is that it’s always changing. These advancements make our lives better in many ways, both personally and professionally. However, constant evolution can be a bit of a double-edged sword. One of the big downsides of always-changing tech is that software and devices can become obsolete pretty quickly. As a business owner, it would be fiscally irresponsible for you to always purchase the newest thing whenever it comes out so that you can try and keep up. Just because the shiny new toy looks cool and does cool things doesn’t mean that you need to jump on the bandwagon right away. You can usually get a few good years out of your IT infrastructure before upgrading. Here are some of the signs that it might be time for an upgrade.

Need More Power

One advantage of newer systems is that tech companies have figured out how to create devices that store and process data far more efficiently while using a fraction of the energy that was previously required. You should regularly evaluate your servers to see if one is using more power than it should.

Along those same lines, tech seems to always be shrinking. If you look at a new data storage device, like a 32GB flash drive, and compare it to a 32GB storage device from 10 years ago you wouldn’t believe the difference. This is because 10 years ago, 32GB flash drives didn’t exist. If you wanted that kind of storage, you’d need to use a computer. If it takes up too much space, it’s time to upgrade!


Computers, data servers, and modems all tend to produce some heat. If your devices are warm, it’s just part of the normal functionality. With that said, you should watch out for things getting too hot. If you have a device that seems to be running hot, it’s time for an upgrade.

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