4 Cloud Security Risks Your Business Needs to Watch Out For

4 Cloud Security Risks Your Business Needs to Watch Out For

While cloud computing may be “the way of the future”, it comes with a myriad of security risks.

While cloud computing may be “the way of the future”, it comes with a myriad of security risks.  Constant vigilance is the key to preventing security breaches that can harm your organization’s data and reputation. Here are four cloud security risks you need to watch for.

Intellectual Property Theft

One thing you will need to look out for is intellectual property theft. When your company is involved in creating software products or applications for users, the threat of IP theft is highly likely. The cloud is an immensely useful storage space, but you need to be mindful of what you put in there. Hackers can find the information and take it for themselves, with or without a breach.


Another cloud security risk to watch for is malware. Malware is a problem you need to protect your network and computers against on a daily basis because you never know where an attack could come from. File sharing is one way to accidentally let malware into your system, despite having the best antivirus and anti-malware software on your side. Malware can also gain access to your network through phishing, an attempt by hackers and scammers to steal passwords and use them to gain unauthorized access.

Data Breaches

You may recognize data breaches as one the most common cloud security risks, as entertainment companies and retail corporations alike have suffered massive data breaches recently. Whenever this happens, your company will be obligated to inform your customers and clients what has happened.

Insider Threats

While there are many security risks that come from external threats, some threats come from within. Managers and upper-level executives who keep records of their own clients before leaving the company could potentially keep these same clients for themselves when they look to start their own company or benefit a rival. These situations are what are known as insider threats. As common as it is, you can stop it before it even happens by increasing your overall cloud security.

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