3 Types of Malware to Look Out For

3 Types of Malware to Look Out For

Don’t let malware compromise your network security!

Once upon a time, installing a decent anti-virus software on your computer was enough to keep it secure. Over the years, that narrative has changed significantly. Now, antivirus software is just one small part of a long list of things that are necessary to really protect a network from malware. You hear the word “malware” tossed around a lot, but what is malware really? Here are just a couple of the types of malware out there.


Viruses are almost always activated by what’s called an executable file. These are files downloaded from the internet with the extension “.exe”. If you download something from the internet, check the extension. If it’s an .exe file and it’s supposed to be a .pdf or an .mp3, it’s probably some type of virus or malware. If you’re unsure, make sure you scan the file with antivirus software before opening it. Once a virus infects your system, it can multiply itself and infect any other device on the same network that yours is connected to.


Ransomware is a threat to everyone, from small home-based businesses to Fortune 500 companies. What this type of malware does is invade your network and encrypt every single file you have. In order to get the files back, you have to pay what is usually an outlandish sum of money. If you pay the ransom, there’s still no guarantee that you will get your files back.

Web Threats

Whichever web browser you use should help protect you from web-based malware. Most browsers will warn users of an inauthentic URL or an unsecured site. Even if a site is genuine, it could still have malicious content such as ads and pop-ups. If you see a dialogue box from your browser warning you of suspicious content, heed the warnings. It is far easier to deal with malware from your browser than to try and get it out once it’s infected your system.

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