3 Reasons You Should Have a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

3 Reasons You Should Have a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

Can your business function without critical data, applications and operations?

Can your business function without critical data, applications and operations? Unless your answer to that question was a firm “YES”, then it’s time for you to consider a disaster recovery plan. At some point, your business’s data is going to be put at risk. Whether it is machine error, human error, virus, or even some sort of natural disaster, sometimes things just happen. If you don’t have a comprehensive plan in place, you could lose everything. A disaster recovery plan is like an insurance policy for your data, and it should be a top priority for your business.

Your Network Is Complex

In recent years, significant technological advancements have been made that cause your network to be much more efficient and also much more complex. While we all intuitively understand that technology is more efficient most people don’t realize the tradeoff for having more efficient technology is that it is also more complex.  Complex systems are more prone to failure than simple systems.  Just the complexity alone lends itself to chaos and error. Add onto that poor management and you’re looking at an IT disaster.

Performing regular backups of all your data systems is crucial. Look for a reputable, dependable, and highly secure backup hosting provider. Your backup management company will ensure your service is not interrupted for any reason.

Leave Room for Human Error

It is in the nature of human beings to make mistakes. Accidents happen. Performing regular system backups will enable you to restore data that has been corrupted to be error-free. It is extremely easy to miss a step somewhere in a process, accidentally delete data, or even put in the wrong data. Making sure you have good backups and a proper plan in place will protect your company from human error.

Provide Better Customer Service

On average, consumers expect to be able to find information they want when they want it. If your company’s IT infrastructure is compromised or down, the customers that would have come to you may go to a competitor to get what they need. No business is immune to disaster. Having a comprehensive backup and recovery plan in place prevents interruptions should something happen.

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