The Benefits of Secure Remote Access for Your Law Firm

The Benefits of Secure Remote Access for Your Law Firm

With internet access and the proper technology, associates, partners, and other staff can all work remotely.

With internet access and the proper technology, associates, partners, and other staff can all work remotely. Today’s network technology makes remote access easier than ever before. Some of the basic advantages of remote access are:

  • Sometimes it is necessary to work during non-business hours. Being able to work without having to drive into the office is expected today.
  • If bad weather or other circumstances prevent legal assistants of associates from coming in to the office, they can still be productive from wherever they are.
  • Sometimes, working at the office can be distracting. Remote access allows employees to get more work done without all of those distractions.
  • The constant access will help attorneys and associates spend more time on their cases.

Technology Can Increase the Benefits of Remote Access

Certain technology adds to the many benefits of secure remote access:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): provides secure access to your firm’s internal network, allowing them to securely access sensitive information.
  • Video Conferencing: this allows someone who is unable to be in the office to still attend meetings and collaborate when necessary. Be sure to choose a video conferencing service that allows document and presentation sharing in-call.
  • Cloud Computing: The cloud allows attorneys and other staff constant access to whatever information they need. Be sure to choose a cloud host that is heavily encrypted, private, and backed up.

Thinking About Remote Access? Consider this.

Working remotely isn’t for everyone. Some employees have enough self-discipline to work independently, some do not. There are also many monitoring techniques available to allow you to see and manage remote employees’ activities. While technology may enable remote access, employees working outside the office does present confidentiality and security issues that need to be considered. Before allowing remote access, you should:

  1. Identify which employees are best suited to working remotely.
  2. Train those employees in whatever they need to know to successfully work outside the office.
  3. Configure your technology so that it provides a properly secure working environment.
  4. Make sure supervisors can oversee everything they need to in order to monitor remote access activity.
  5. Make sure you always control your data. Allowing your employees to download customer data to their personal computers is a sign you have lost control.
  6. Back up your data. Even remotely accessed data must be backed up, or it could easily be lost and unable to be retrieved.

Allowing attorneys and other staff to work remotely will not only benefit the employees themselves, but it will also benefit your firm and clients as well.

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