The #1 Way Technology Increases Productivity

The #1 Way Technology Increases Productivity

Businesses are always looking for ways they can help their employees be more productive, efficient, and innovative.

Businesses are always looking for ways they can help their employees be more productive, efficient, and innovative.  It’s easy to think a certain software platform or automation tool can create this productivity for you. But before you purchase the latest and greatest software, let’s talk about how technology can leverage productivity in the most significant way possible.

Eliminating Technical Issues

Eliminating the technical problems your employees face is the #1 way technology can help to increase their productivity. This should be the #1 priority of your IT company, and if it’s not, then they’ve got their priorities mixed up. Please do not confuse having a highly responsive help desk with having a process that eliminates your technical problems. When a company is focused on creating a network environment where technical issues don’t occur, they will be spending very little time responding to help desk issues; those issues won’t be there to begin with!

Identify Your Greatest Expense

The question we’re really answering in this article is how can technology make the greatest impact on your company. It’s common sense then that if you can make a positive impact on your greatest expense or revenue stream then you’ll truly impact your bottom line!  One of the exciting things about technology is that it has the ability to positively impact your greatest expense or revenue stream. Typically a companies’ greatest expense is payroll, but that is not always the case. The other most common expenses companies spend the most on are inventory and manufacturing. If payroll is indeed your greatest expense, then you are right to think employee productivity should be your focus. However, if your answer falls under inventory, manufacturing, or anything else, you should reevaluate how your technology is leveraging those expenses in the most efficient and profitable way.

Leverage Your Greatest Expense

The next step is implementing technology in a way that will leverage your greatest expense. Moving forward with the assumption that payroll is your greatest expense, the biggest impact you can make on employee productivity is to eliminate the technical problems they face. Think about it. You can have other tools and methods in place, but without a method of keeping your technical issues to a minimum, your productivity will continue to suffer. Once you have a system in place to properly manage your network, you can begin to implement other tools that will additionally enhance your employees’ efficiency.

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