Windows Server 2003 Could Dramatically Harm Your Business

I was recently at a Microsoft event and they said there are over 22 million Windows Server 2003 servers still in use world-wide.  Windows Server 2003 has definitely been a stable platform for many businesses.  It’s been easy to not worry about replacing something that isn’t broken.

The bad news is that in less than 190 days from this article being posted Windows Server 2003 will be broken.  It will be impossible to protect data that resides on the server.  You can imagine the harm to your business if your customers found that you allowed their critical data to be compromised and distributed across the Internet.  By not replacing any Windows Server 2003 servers before end of life that you have control over you are inviting this to happen.

On July 14, 2015 Microsoft will stop releasing critical patches to fix security vulnerabilities in Windows Server 2003.  These patches fix vulnerabilities that would allow a hacker or even malware to remotely control a service or the entire server.  This could dramatically harm your business!  The hassles of a security breach far outweigh any hassles you’ll deal with in migrating to a new platform.

The good news is that if you begin to act now you still have time to perform a migration to a different platform in a reasonable manner.  That may seem like hyperbole but the fact of the matter is that technology must support your business.  Making sure that technology enhances and doesn’t interrupt your business takes time and effort.

Obviously today’s world of technology is much different than the technology of 2003.  There are many more options in how services can be delivered to your business.  The many choices you have today also makes the decision more complex.  Technology must be a tool to increase profitability and not an annoyance your employee’s put up with because they work at your company.

Please begin the evaluation process to replace your Windows Server 2003 servers immediately.  For more information or to discuss how your network could be secured please call us at 410-691-1130.

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