Windows 10 will change how you interact with technology

Microsoft is releasing a new version of its operating system in 2015.  In my opinion Windows 10 is more than just a new operating system.  If Microsoft really is able to deliver as they’ve promised Windows 10 will change how you interact with technology for years to come.

Here is a link to a short Microsoft video on new features within Windows 10:

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to most everyone so the features listed in the video will be available to you as soon as it’s released!

The features mentioned in the video above are great but it’s really just the beginning.  Windows 10 will have the ability to interact with additional new technology Microsoft is releasing named HoloLens and Surface Hub.  Both of these technologies allow virtual interaction in ways that is not common today.

The Surface Hub allows virtual interaction between teams of people.  Take a moment to watch this video:    Windows 10 will allow you to interact with the data on the Surface Hub as well as take the data with you after the meeting is over.  I can see how we at GHN could greatly benefit from the Surface Hub.

The HoloLens is a game changer.  Take a moment to watch this video:   The HoloLens is about expanding your digital world into your physical world.  As greatly as Microsoft Kinect changed the gaming world I have a feeling that HoloLens will change the general computing experience.  HoloLens is a virtual platform that other software companies can use to build a virtual world to experience their software in.

My main concern with Windows 10 is how aggressive Microsoft is with these new features.  It seems to me there are a lot of changes and new features all being released at the same time.  If they can pull this release off with only small issues we’ll be in a much better place with technology than before.  We won’t know for sure until the final version is released but it’s encouraging that Windows 10 beta users are giving positive reviews.  I’m excited to see what Microsoft does with Windows 10 in 2015!

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