What Makes the Internet of Things (IoT) So Vulnerable?


Internet of things

Why is the IoT so easy to infiltrate?

The modern world has brought with it a lot of interesting and sophisticated technology. We now have computers that fit into our hands and wearable technology that tracks our sleep schedules. We have tons of interesting bits of tech that shape the way we work and live, but how secure is it? After all, all of these items are connected to the internet and that means that they have the potential for hacking. One would think that the Internet of Things has been given the same attention that our computers have been given, but this is not always the case. Today we’re going to be talking about the vulnerabilities of the IoT and what you can do to secure your network.

Many devices in the IoT don’t have the capabilities for optimal security.

Things like Fitbits, Smart Toasters, and Bluetooth speakers simply don’t have the hardware to accommodate sophisticated security programs. You might think that this also means that they don’t have a lot of potential for hacking. After all, what information could be gained from hacking your sprinkler controller? Well, it depends on what that sprinkler controller is connected to. Does it hook up to your phone, a cloud, or your wi-fi? The answer is most likely and where there is a connection, there is a possibility for infiltration. One big issue for the Internet of Thing is that these poorly secured devices provide an avenue to valuable data stored within your other devices. According to WIRED, there were reports about a Samsung “Smart Fridge” that was able to connect to the home owner’s wi-fi. By exploiting the nearly non-existent security of the fridge, hackers were able to take control of the consumer’s gmail accounts. This is only one example of how the IoT can be a curse just as much as it can be a blessing.

What can you do to secure the Internet of Things?

The answer is similar to the question of how you can secure your typical internet. Use secure passwords, keep your devices updated, and make sure that your employees are well-informed on security best practices. As developers and manufacturers continue to develop more elaborate solutions to secure the IoT, you should use caution as you enable new devices.

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