Mac Vs. PC: A Network Security Smackdown


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How do different computer companies handle network security?

When it comes to having your office or company outfitted with computers, you have two major options to choose from: Mac and PC. Both vendors have their share of pros and cons, but at the end of the day, which option is safer? The answer is not entirely cut and dry. However, today we’re going to be tackling the topic to try and give you a better understanding of which option will suit your company better. Ready to take a look? Let’s begin.

What makes Windows vulnerable to malware?

When you have a complex system like Windows, you have more potential for infiltration. A simple system with little to no third party developers, like Apple, is going to be “more secure” because it simply doesn’t have the infiltration potential. Furthermore, Windows users outnumber Mac users by quite a bit. With less users, there is less potential for hackers to benefit from creating schemes to crack the system, thus less threats on the market. It’s simple, right? Well, maybe not. Safari, Apple’s web browser, is notorious for being poor in terms of security. So, if someone were to attack it, there wouldn’t be much in terms of resistance. Similarly, though there are more ways to attack Windows machines, there are also a lot more elaborate and effective security features.

Which platform is right for your company?

When all is said and done, the right platform for your company is the platform that fits your needs. Both systems have their share of problems in terms of network security and network security solutions. Both systems have a lot of merit. The important thing to remember is that your network security is something that you cannot dismiss. You need to make sure that your company and the people within it are ready to tackle safe browsing techniques. No matter what kind of computer you choose for your company, threats are always going to be out there and you need to be ready for them.

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