Understanding Level 5 Leadership with Jim Collins

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How can you take your leadership to level 5?

Though you may be following our blogs for tips on how you can keep your network safe from hackers and malware, we invite you to take a slightly different journey with us today. Inspired by the words of Jim Collins and his Seven Questions: Learning from Young Leaders talk, we offer you these insights into how to inspire like a level 5 leader.

We need architects to pave the way for the future.

There are many different types of leaders. Some are charismatic. Some are great at inspiring others to follow them. Some are architects who create the infrastructure for employees to follow an idea. Which of these types do you think is the most effective in the long term? To be a level 5 leader, you need to get people to understand the vision of the company so that they will strive for that, rather than the affections of one person. By hanging the motivations of your employees on one person, you may find yourself in a problematic situation once that person passes or leaves the company for any reason. Ideas and missions do not disappear. They act as a bulwark for your employees to latch onto and support so that your legacy can become immortal.

Level 5 leadership is about humility.

Though it can be easy to take a lot of credit for the hard work of your company, you need to make sure that you’re acknowledging and rewarding those who have helped you. Showing your employees  that no amount of power or accolades will make you arrogant is an excellent way to promote a sense of collaboration and community within your company. No one is above the rules and no one is above service to the company and to each other. By exemplifying those ideologies, you will help your company to grow in a healthy way.

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