Project Zero is the Hero the Internet Needs


Superhero Team

Project Zero is an amazing team of people who help keep the internet safe.

Recently, there was a major vulnerability detected within CloudFlare’s servers that journalists have affectionately named, “Cloudbleed.” This vulnerability was exploited to obtain over a million usernames and passwords, marking it as a pretty major problem. This is where Project Zero comes in. Project Zero is a group of internet security analysts hired by Google to find vulnerabilities in systems and software across the board. Their work is incredibly valuable and today we’re going to be diving into it. Ready to take a look?

Why do we need people like Project Zero?

Cybersecurity is important; that goes without saying. However, one of the most important elements of staying on top of this problem is discovering problems within our infrastructure before hackers do. No system is without its flaws, after all. So, what this group does is search for those flaws, inform the company involved, and keep rolling. If the company in charge of the vulnerable software does not fix it within 90 days, then Project Zero publishes the information publicly and gives a sample attack code. Though many people have criticized this practice, it is meant to give the companies involved a sense of urgency. Fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited are critical to the continued existence and safety of the internet at large.

What does Project Zero mean for the Internet at large?

In many ways, the internet’s culture is akin to that of the Wild West. There are major power-players and regulations, but at the end of the day, many servers and websites are regulated on a localized policy. The federal regulations for cybersecurity pertain mostly to Banks and the Healthcare industries, so it calls into question who is actually looking out for public user data at large. Though some have seen Project Zero as a power-play from Google, it seems that until we have more regulated security practices, groups like Project Zero will continue to be vital to overall security.

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