The importance of Testing Your Disaster Recovery Plan

The importance of Testing Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Don’t risk your data! Test your disaster recovery plan regularly!

Your company needs its data. So, you take the time to come up with a plan to protect that data in the event of a disaster. Without testing that plan regularly, though, how do you know for sure that your data will actually be protected? Testing your disaster recovery plan is quite possibly the most important part of having that plan.

Will Your Plan Actually Work?

You spend hours crafting your disaster recovery plan. You want your company’s data protected no matter what. So, naturally you will want to make sure it works. This is where testing comes into play. Having the plan is all well and good, but without testing it out you will never know if your data is actually protected or not.

Create Awareness of Your Plan

Another important benefit of testing your disaster recovery plan is that you can make others within your company, and anyone else involved, aware that the plan is in place. If someone has a role to play in the plan, testing will make them aware of exactly what that role is. You can also assign alternates to perform certain tasks just in case the original person is unable to for some reason.

Make Sure Everyone Knows Their Role

It is important that everyone involved in your disaster recovery plan know exactly what their role is and how to perform it. Testing allows those involved to have a “dry run”, so that they are better prepared if an incident does occur.

Find and Fix any Discrepancies

Everyone that crafts a disaster recovery plan hopes that they’ve covered any and every variable. Sometimes, however, things can be missed. Testing enables you to find these things and plan for them. You can’t possibly plan for absolutely every single eventuality, but you want your plan to be as comprehensive as you can make it.

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