The Importance of Planning a Cybersecurity Strategy


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How can you plan your cybersecurity strategy?

The days of launching a strong firewall and considering the cybersecurity problems, “handled” is long over. The nature of attacks has changed to the point where even the most patched and protected networks can still be infiltrated. It’s time to change the way we think about cyberattacks and to begin planning for exemplary reactive measures. Let’s take a look at what that might entail.

Plan for the worst.

Just because your security protocols could be breached, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have them. It is still exceptionally important that you have secured your network with the appropriate security software, you keep up with updates, and that you’re using good password sense. A strong foundation of security will help to keep the smaller threats at bay. You still need to create a cybersecurity strategy for larger, more sophisticated threats.

Resolve problems as they arise.

A breach will happen. The question is what you will do about it. Without a plan for how you will address these breaches, you could be looking at enormous losses including, but not limited to, reputation, finances, and even the company itself.

Create your cybersecurity strategy.

Creating a cybersecurity strategy can feel overwhelming when there are so many things to consider. However, there are a few good places to start.

  • Keep a record of which security software solutions you are using and update that list when necessary.
  • Create a plan for when and how patches and updates will occur. Who will handle those updates and how often should they be revisited?
  • How will your data be backed up and who will be responsible for maintaining those backups?

Start with these policies and then work your way through asking harder questions like how you will deploy your strategy, who maintain it, how it will be taught, and all training procedures. Remember that documentation is one of the major keys to success. For every threat that occurs and action that is taken, you should be keeping detailed records on it.

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