Is the Cloud Secure or Should We Be Wary?


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Is the cloud a secure place to store your data or not?

As of right now, less than 10% of the world’s data is being stored on the Cloud. Though Cloud storage offers a huge gain in convenience and cost effectiveness, many corporations and other administrative professionals are still very leery. They’re just not sure about this Cloud and whether or not their data is going to be safe. We’re here to discuss this issue and give you both sides of the story. Let’s take a look.

The Cloud is very secure.

A lot of people view the Cloud as being a lot less secure than its traditional counterpart, but the facts just don’t back that up. As far as hacking attempts go, both platform types are going to face breaches due to the fact that attacks are often opportunistic in nature. That being said, Cloud services often have highly sophisticated security measures, wheras traditional storage can be outdated and easily infiltrated. Furthermore, some of the world’s greatest minds in IT are working on making the Cloud more secure. Not only that, but Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) undergo audits every year to ensure that their datacenters are being monitored and that information about them is being recorded. On-premise systems never see such thorough monitoring.

The Cloud’s security isn’t perfect.

According to, Google received at least 21,389 requests from the government to reveal personal data. In most cases, Google provided some sort of data in response. Microsoft was asked three times that many times, though they only responded about 2.2% of the time. The fact remains that the government continually makes requests for data. Sometimes that data is given. The security of the Cloud should be examined in this context: This technology is very new and legislation to protect the rights of those who use it usually takes some time to come into effect. In terms of actual security, the Cloud is strong, but that doesn’t mean that no one has access to your data.

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