How Do I Know if I Have Malware?

How Do I Know if I Have Malware?

Malware is short for “malicious software”. It comes in a dizzying variety of forms, and can infect any device on your network.

Malware is short for “malicious software”. It comes in a dizzying variety of forms, and can infect any device on your network. Malware can cause you to lose data, privacy, and sometimes even money. Fortunately, with the right tools and a little bit of know-how, you can detect malware and get rid of it before the problem has a chance to spread.

Watch Out for Pop-Ups

Some computers will actually inform users that there’s something there that shouldn’t be and prompt you to download software to get rid of it. You should be careful, though, because the pop-up may be the malware trying to infect your computer. If you don’t recognize something, look it up before clicking.

Computer Running a Bit Slow?

Most malware sneaks around and runs in the background, using a significant amount of your computer or other electronic device’s processing power. This can significantly slow down your device. If you close out all of the applications you’re using and find that something is still running, you may want to run some anti-virus software.


It’s scary to even think about it, but there is some malware out there that has the ability to turn off your devices’ firewalls without your consent. If you suspect that there’s something going on with your system, check to make sure that your firewall is still on. If it is off, it may be time for a malware scan.

Repeated Crashing

Your computer is a complex system that requires certain programs in order to run. Hackers have managed to create malware that will disable some of these programs, which will cause your system to crash and leave your data vulnerable. If you find that your computer has difficulty running applications, freezing, random crashes, or general sluggishness, you should check for malware. Even if it is an older machine, which can be prone to slowness. A sudden system slow-down may indicate malware.

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