Hackers Are Clever Indeed: Doxing and Baiting


Stress concept that is meant to represent the feeling you have when you experience doxing or baiting

Have you heard about doxing and baiting?

As we’ve stated, one of the most dangerous tools in the hacker’s arsenal isn’t necessarily the code he or she is utilizing. The most dangerous tools in the arsenal of a hacker are their wits. By being clever, a hacker doesn’t need to break into your machine by force. If they’re doing a good job, you’ll practically invite them in. Today we’re going to look at two ways that hackers can attack you that are quite dangerous indeed. Let’s begin.

Doxing is a very dangerous method of attack.

Sometimes hackers do much more than put your files in danger, sometimes they will put your identity on the line. To “dox” someone is to reveal the victim’s address, phone number, and other very person information that could result in them being tracked down in the real world. Popular targets for these attacks range from criminals to celebrities and more. Anonymous, a famous hacking group, is notorious for doxing those that they deem are not being pursued adequately by justice.

Baiting is highly effective and highly dangerous.

Have you ever found a USB drive just sitting out in the open in a public place? This may seem like a wonderful gift, but it can be a terrible coincidence. Sometimes, hackers will place infected devices in public locations in the hopes that an unsuspecting victim will pick up the device and plug it into their machine. Once the thumb drive is connected to your network, it will proceed to infiltrate, destroy, or gather the hacker’s intended targets. What makes this method of infiltration so dangerous is the fact that it takes place in the real world rather than the digital, and this difference often makes people lower their guards in terms of network security. Stay safe out there and make sure you know how to avoid these hacking tequniques.

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