Have you been getting strange calls from Microsoft or Google?

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Have you gotten a strange automated phone call lately?

You pick up the phone and on the other end is an automated voice that rattles off something about your Google business listing or how your Microsoft license is expired. There is a number to use to call them back. It’s a strange call, but it makes you wonder if you should return it. After all, Google and Microsoft aren’t companies to mess around with, right? Well, the person who called you probably isn’t either one of those big companies. Let’s take a look at phone scams like these.

Don’t fall for cheap, scare tactics from cybercriminals.

Scare tactics are often the backbone of many cyberattacks. An email or pop-up will claim that you have some sort of virus and that you need to download their “special software” to get rid of it. However, these types of attack can also come in the form of a phone call. Recently, “Microsoft” gave us a call to let us know that our Microsoft license key is expired on our computer. The message instructed,

“Please call 866-978-6852. Let me repeat. This is very important to call to notify you that your Microsoft Windows license key has been expired and your computer. So Microsoft Corporation has stopped the window services in your computer to renew the Windows license key. Please call 866-978-6852. I will repeat 866-978-6852.”

This is a message that is specifically designed to scare us, but we know better. Microsoft, Google, and other big companies don’t do calls for things like that. How did we know that? Honestly, my first thought after hearing the message was that I didn’t realize Microsoft made calls like that.  I initially assumed that because they said they were from Microsoft then they must really be from Microsoft.  After a few minutes it dawned on me (yes, even though we sell Microsoft licenses it still tricked me for a few minutes) that this was a scam.  I felt silly that I had initially fallen for the voicemail but past training had stopped me from calling the number and giving unknowingly giving away valuable information. As always, the best way to stay safe within your networks is to reach out and do your homework when you’re not sure whether or not something is legitimate. Always check and you’ll be in good shape.

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