Common Cloud Security Concerns You Need to Address

Common Cloud Security Concerns You Need to Address

Using the cloud is the way of the future, but you also need to be mindful of cloud security.

Using the cloud is the way of the future, but you also need to be mindful of cloud security. Securing your piece of the cloud isn’t that different from more conventional IT security measures. Let’s find out how.

Data Breach

Because the cloud is still relatively young, it hasn’t had time to become fully secure yet. As with any other piece of hardware or software, doing whatever you can to prevent the possibility of a data breach is critical. The Ponemon Institute conducted a study that found that data breaches were more likely to affect companies that only used cloud storage without also using physical backups. While it can be beneficial, the cloud also presents a tempting target.


Among the different types of computer software issues, malware is one of the most dangerous. Cloud servers are typically infected through an attack called a malware injection. During a malware injection, malicious code is disguised as valid code that bypasses any firewalls protecting that particular area of the cloud. Hackers can then use the malware to listen in on conversations, observe email traffic, and interact with files, potentially stealing or leaking sensitive data.

Misuse of Technology

The cloud can be a useful way to store your business data. Depending on what industry you’re in, you may be responsible for securing health records, personal information, and even credit card information. Unfortunately, this kind of information is like currency for hackers and cybercriminals and they will exploit the vulnerabilities of the cloud storage in order to get to your information.

Loss of Data

Whether it is due to human error causing an unintentional data wipe or a weather event, your business could suffer a catastrophic loss of data. Be sure to have physical backup storage for all of your data. You are responsible for ensuring business data stays protected, so it is essential that you do everything you can to make sure it stays safe.

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