What Does It Mean to Have an Active Defense?

What Does It Mean to Have an Active Defense?

How well protected is your network’s critical data?

How well protected is your network’s critical data? If you are unsure how effective your current security is, or are looking for something better, perhaps it is time to consider the merits of Active Defense. With the rise of enterprise mobility applications and mobile devices as network access points, security has become even more important. Why is this so? Here is what you need to know about Active Defense.

How Does Active Defense Improve Security?

The team responsible for your network security can be considered an elite unit of guards for an old military fort. The guards protect the walls and monitor the gates, both of which are supposed to be totally and completely secure. These guards can stop any attackers that they can see, but anything that can sneak past them, they can’t stop. Logically, this means they would need more assistance. Active Defense represents that additional backup the guards can use to defend the fort.

Where Does It Belong in a Cybersecurity Suite?

Disorganization is the enemy of network security. If you can’t find necessary files or don’t know where they are, important information could be lost or stolen and you wouldn’t even know. Fortunately, Active Defense reorganizes your current system. Active Defense is designed as a way to create and iterate multiple instances of your security measures to better deploy these defenses and discover where malicious software or hackers could be hiding. Active Defense also helps to root out where hostile programs could lie in wait, preparing to strike at the worst time. By using Active Defense, you can enhance your company’s ability to protect your company’s data, your core networks, and most importantly, client information.

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