What is the Difference Between HTTPS and HTTP and Does it Matter?


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How do you know whether or not your web data is safe?

When you shop or do your banking online, how do you know that your information is safe? Without knowing the ins and outs of how the internet works, you may feel like you’re shouting sensitive information in a public forum. After all, without encryption and other security measures, you are. With important security measures, however, you can rest assured that your data will safely travel from your computer to its destination and back again without being seen by malicious individuals. Today we’re going to be talking about a very important protocol for keeping your web data safe, HTTPS.

What are HTTP and HTTPS?

Hypertext transfer protocol is the protocol that allows for interaction between two systems. It is abbreviated to a simple, “HTTP.” “HTTPS” is that very same hypertext transfer protocol, except this time, it is secured. This security is achieved through the use of an SSL, or secure sockets layer, that provides encryption services to the data passing through the channel. To employ an SSL, you need and SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address, but it is worth the extra effort if you have forms that people will be filling out on your website that may contain sensitive information.

Why does HTTPS matter?

Security is one of the most important aspects of web development and web usage. Without it, things like client information, your banking information, and all other sensitive data is at risk anytime you enter into online forms. Not only that, but if we encrypt more and more of our data, uninteresting things like cat photos and blogs, then passwords and other sensitive data will not be as obvious. After all, encryption is not uncrackable. It is simply a useful layer of security. Anything we can do to support it is a worthwhile effort, and implementing HTTPS across all internet pages is a great way to do that.

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