Are Cloud Solutions Right For Your Company?


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Is your company ready for Cloud Solutions?

The Cloud seems to be a hot topic of late. Companies both big and small are looking into Cloud Computing and the server solutions that it can provide. If you’re someone who has been wondering about The Cloud and what it can do for you, then read on. We’ll be talking about some of the advantages and disadvantages that it can offer you. Let’s take a look.

Can The Cloud make your business function more smoothly?

Data center migration can be a large undertaking that may disrupt your business, but sometimes the benefits are worth the effort. For example, Cloud Solutions will allow you to downsize the number of servers that you have. You can also work with a solution that will make your costs more flexible. After all, you only need to commission the server or infrastructure that you need when using The Cloud. This will help you trim any extra costs that you may have been using on traditional servers. To be sure that you’re saving money with cloud services be sure to compare 60 months of cloud services versus the cost of hosting the same service within your existing network.  Furthermore, Cloud Solutions are usually very reliable..

Can The Cloud cause problems for your business?

The first question you should ask yourself is how sensitive your data is. If your data contains high profile, secretive data, then you may not want it floating around in The Cloud, so to speak. Another important question to ask when your data is stored with a Cloud Solution is how frequently backups are created and how long they are kept. There is no standard with backups and when data is compromised backups are highly critical.  Not only that, but if you need specific hardware components or complete server access, then Cloud Computing might not be right for your company.

What is the bottom line for Cloud Solutions?

At the end of the day, The Cloud can be a wonderful resource for the right company. Easy-to-use, well-designed tools are a god send to your employees, especially if you can benefit from the subscription-based program. However, if your company holds too much sensitive data, then you may want to stick to what you have.

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