About Us

What Makes Us Unique

The reason GHN exists is to transform your technology and your expectations. We do not just fix IT problems, we literally eliminate the source of the problems. Because we do this, your network will function at an extremely high level. Our company is based on the philosophy that implementing the right technology for your business and creating an atmosphere where it can function at the highest level will propel your business forward.

How We Do It

The first part of our process is to implement strategies and processes that eliminate problems. Your dedicated technician will align each component of your network to our standards. This process is highly detailed and consistent across your whole network. It is composed of predefined and rigid standards that we know create an ideal network environment.

When we attain uniformity on your network, we attain simplicity. A simple environment is much easier to manage than a complex environment. It is a law of nature that things tend to chaos.  Complex environments tend to chaos more quickly than simple environments. Since technology is complex, the only way to control it is to impose order in a stringent way. Without standards, simplicity can never happen. That is why this part of our process is our number one priority.

The second part of our process is next in importance. You will be assigned a business consultant who is there to know and understand your business. We consider your business goals, value proposition, key resources and activities that make your company unique. We want to know the workings of your business in as much detail as we can. For technology to be an asset for your company, it has to be based around your business goals, rather than your business goals having to be adjusted because of the limits of technology. It hasn’t always been possible to look at technology in this way, but in today’s world, we can. The role of the business consultant and technician go hand in hand, and they are able to collaborate about your business from both the technical standpoint and the business aspect. With this powerful team, we are able to implement the right technology for you, dramatically impacting your most important business goals.  

We also perform all of the other functions that your current IT company does. Our help desk ensures that any problems are quickly taken care of, our automation team works to automate tasks on the network, we provide security software, everything that is necessary for IT to function well. These functions are important but, quite honestly, second in importance. It is our process that sets us apart, and allows us to have such a powerful impact on your business.

Because GHN’s purpose is to create the ideal environment for your network, we only have one service plan, Constant Care. We do not have a silver, bronze, and gold plan. The purpose of Constant Care is to eliminate problems, so how can we possibly make more effort in one level and less in another? That is a ridiculous concept. If you do business with us, we will create an environment that eliminates problems. Period. That is what we do.