IT Support for Architectural & Engineering Companies

We understand that there are many challenges that face the architectural and engineering industry: work is often seasonal, each project is unique, remote sites can have access problems, deadlines approach quickly – the list goes on.

Make your network our responsibility so that you can focus on your challenges, firm, and clients without worrying about your computer network and data security.

Global Harvest can create an organized, structured computer network to “stop the pain” of inefficiency, poor communication, and wasted time by improving information availability, decision making, and the ability to respond better to changing conditions.

Solid IT support gives the greatest productivity increase in areas such as general administration, design and project management.

Top benefits of using our IT support (ranked by architectural and engineering companies):

  1. Better quality in work
  2. Work done more quickly
  3. Better financial control
  4. Faster and simpler access to common data
  5. Greater flexibility to satisfy customers
  6. Better collaboration

Don’t let your technology dictate when you can and can’t work.  Experience an “Always Ready” network with Global Harvest.  We can set up a smoothly functioning network with secure backups and a solid disaster recovery plan.

Never be without your data again.

Sample of IT support items we have helped many architectural and engineering firms with:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Smart phone and tablet integration
  • Server migration/upgrade
  • Backups
  • Remote access
  • Application troubleshooting
  • Security
  • Spam and virus prevention and removal
  • Hardware/software updates and orders
  • Office move and network setup/configuration

We can help you prepare for the future of your firm by creating a network that will grow with you and protect your customer records, designs, and intellectual property every step of the way.