Executive Seminar

Using Culture to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Many things can give you a short-term competitive advantage. Unfortunately, once your competition learns (and they will learn) to replicate them you’ve lost your edge. Products, processes, prices, and promotions are all under this category. Corporate culture, however, can’t be replicated and it will give you a long-term competitive advantage.

Does your corporate culture help you:

  • Innovate to stay on the leading edge in your industry?
  • Develop, Attract, and Retain Top Performers?
  • Cultivate loyal customers?

Join Ben Kimbrell and Andrew Shaffer to hear their success stories and proven strategies for creating a culture that helps you THRIVE.

Sponsored by: Global Harvest Networks and Andrew Shaffer Consulting

Event Details:
When: Tuesday, October 22nd
Networking and Registration: 8am-8:30am
Session Time: 8:30am-9:45am
Where: Meade Tech Hub
2288 Blue Water Boulevard, Odenton, MD

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Ben Kimbrell

Ben Kimbrell
CEO Global Harvest Networks

Ben Kimbrell has led a technology consulting firm,
Global Harvest Networks, for 20 years. The goal of
his leadership has been to positively impact the
businesses he consults using technology.


Andrew Shaffer

Andrew Shaffer
CEO Andrew Shaffer Consulting

Andrew Shaffer has a long history of leading and
mentoring teams and individuals to sustainable
high performance. His passion is helping other
leaders create dramatic leaps in their
performance, while showing them how to coach
others to success.

Andrew Shaffer Consulting helps CEOs and
business leaders with the tools and guidance to
create proactive leaders who identify, develop and
retain top performers giving your company a
competitive edge.


C-Level executives and managers who are concerned about:

  • Difficulty meeting deadlines and goals
  • Flat or decreasing revenue or profits
  • Increases or unacceptable product quality issues (rework, increased defects, customer complaints, returns, fewer repeat orders, etc.)
  • Employee turnover or absenteeism

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